Videogame based storytelling in the classroom

Videogame based storytelling in the classroom

¿Una manera de introducir la lógica de la red/the mesh/la rizoma/web of life/situated knowledges, etc. en las aulas de lengua y literatura?

“Games are actually systems of rules, participation and goals. Game-based stories, especially in the narratives of many video games, take place within these interconnected systems. Formally known as systems thinking, it´s the way of viewing the world as a series of interlocking causal (cause and effect) feedback loops. For example, in a novel, if the protagonist takes an action, it will always have consequential effects. On a more  analytic level, view Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a systems model. To teach game storytelling with systems thinking, Scholastic has a PDF detailing how game designers pre-plan.”

“Video games are a visual medium”

“In games, the player makes decisions based on the perspective of someone else”

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