NPR Article: Spain’s Robinhood

An interesting article published by National Public Radio. There is a part talking about the large swatches of land owned by Spanish elite that are just sitting there, which reminds me of La Caza where you have the caretaker who wants to do something with the land but the elite who ignores the potential of his land.

Another important aspect is that Mayor Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo has taken the poor people in town and robbed the supermarkets just taking the food and leaving without paying saying that the people should not be going hungry with the food right there. In the video The Story of Stuff posted by Kata the other day one of the things it talks about is who is part of the chain that make things so cheap for you. Sanchez Gordillo is turning this on its head and trying to cut off parts of the chain that perpetuates a system that ignores human rights and the people that must suffer so that the chain keeps making money for the businessman. This is also related with the movimientos okupas in Spain that have been growing in popularity, especially now in the midst of the backlash of the housing bubble.


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